Increase the beauty of your pond by 100% with minimal expense

With some time and research you can fill your pond with the right pond plants, and can dramatically change the look of your pond.

Growing aquatic plants is not difficult, but it takes some knowledge in order to do it right. When you are facing the decision of what plants to include in your water feature it can be overwhelming. There are some basics that can help you wade through all the options and get you on your way to purchasing the right pond plants for you and your water garden.

One of the first steps is to incorporate functional plants that will help you establish a solid, balanced pond ecosystem as quickly as possible. This will require both submerged and floating leaved plants because they oxygenate the water and compete for nutrients and sunlight and therefore minimize algae growth and development. Aquatic vegetation with floating leaves will assist you in the fight against algae especially in direct sunlight helping keep the water clear. Up to half of the pond’s surface can be foliage from floaters or deep water plants. In a young pond it is vital to have the correct density of submerged and floating aquatic plants to help create a solid ecosystem.

Once you have enough functional water plants, you can consider ornamental aquatic plant options. Each person will have their preferences in regards to the ‘feel’ or ‘mood’ you wanting to create with their water garden or pond. Some prefer bright colors and others prefer more subdued shades. It is important to keep your water vegetation aesthetically balanced with the entire water garden or feature and landscape. Whether you are looking for a formal or informal look that will also determine the aquatic plants you choose.

Take the time to research your water vegetation options and create a plan that fits your water garden and landscape. Planting aquatic plants requires some knowledge as some plants prefer direct light, others shade, some require still water and need to away from moving water. Make sure you purchase plants that will survive and flourish in the location you want to plant them. It is important to purchase plants from reputable nurseries that have your best interests in mind and provide quality pond plants. Through our research for reputable aquatic plant suppliers we have minimized your risk and recommend the following nurseries for a quality healthy product.